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Backyard Beer Garden

Making Maple

As the saying goes, March is often “In like a lion, out like a lamb”, relating to the unpredictable and  drastic shifts in temperature that occur throughout the month.  This can dramatically alter recreational plans, and it also happens to have an impact on the maple sugar making season.  No […]

Winter Switchbacks

Winter Switchbacks – Written by Sam Angus There is no bad time to take to the extensive trails in and around the Waterloo Recreation Area.  There is no one place to best enjoy the natural beauty of the largest state park in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  There is, however, […]

Take the Challenge!

Explore the Sculpture Walk in Chelsea, Michigan

Sculptures featuring top regional artists bring free contemporary art to visitors and Chelsea residents. This annual rotating exhibition has been a welcome addition to Chelsea for over 11 years. It enhances and enables the cultural and artistic Chelsea City-Brand. Take a stroll through downtown Chelsea and enjoy the outdoor Sculpture […]