Explore City Parks in Chelsea, Michigan

Timber Town Park, Chelsea, Michigan - photo by Leslie Surel

Timber Town Park

Timbertown Park is located off Sibley Rd, about 1/2 mile from downtown Chelsea. Built in 1996 and renovated in June 2007, the park features a huge 12,000 square foot wooden climbing structure, swings, bridges, towers, slides, sandboxes, climbing wall, small spray zone, and much more! Timber Town serves as a community attraction for families in Chelsea and throughout Michigan.

In addition, Timbertown features a big pavilion, a very large mowed grass area which is excellent for frisbee, soccer or other games you’d like to play, and is the home of beautiful mosaic community project, Pathway to Renewal.

Veteran’s Memorial Park

Veterans Park is located at the corner of Main St. (M-52) and Sibley Rd. It was constructed in 1955 and rededicated in 2009. A large black marble memorial is a tribute to those who have served in our armed forces both in peace time and during armed conflicts. The park is also referred to as “Boat Park” because of its large wooden ship play structure. The park also features picnic tables, ball fields and is adjacent to a small stream.

Pierce Park

Pierce Park is located on S. Main St, near the entrance of St. Joseph Chelsea Hospital. Pierce Park is often  referred to as “the park with the big rock” (which is painted by residents for birthdays and other occasions). The park features a play structure, picnic tables, a pavilion, and plenty of room to run around and play. Visitors often enjoy playing and relaxing at the park, and then walking over to Twisters Ice Cream for a snack.

Dog Park (coming soon)

The City of Chelsea’s Parks and Recreation Steering Committee submitted a grant proposal for the creation of the Chelsea Bark Park.  The plan would incorporate a 1.1 acre fenced dog park near McKinley Street.  The City is awaiting final determination on the proposal.  See the City of Chelsea website for more information.

FAQ about Chelsea City Parks

Can I reserve space in the pavilion for a party?

YES – As of June 2016, you can make a reservation for the pavilions at Pierce Park and Timbertown through the City Office. Reservation and payment for application fee must be made at least 30 days prior to your event. You can find application form and rules on the City of Chelsea website: city-chelsea.org/parks-recreation/forms, or contact the City Clerk for more information.

When are the parks open?

The parks are open from dawn to dusk, so the actual hours will depend on the time of year. In short, the parks are closed when it’s dark outside.

Who do I contact if I see something that needs attention?

If you would like to report that something at one of the city parks needs attending to, you may call the City offices during regular business hours at (734) 475-1771. If there is something dangerous at one of the parks, call the Chelsea police at (734) 475-9122.