@chelseaata would like to congratulate the following students that have qualified for Districts!

Luke Wireman Forms, Sparring, Combat
Benjamin Vaudt Sparring
Edward Beauchamp Forms & Sparring
Liam Barrow Sparring & Combat
Alex Hough Sparring

Taekwondo Chaos  Varsity Team  Sparring & Combat
Righters Fighters  Elite Team  Sparring & Combat
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Join the Kiwanis Club of Chelsea tonight at Timbertown at 6 PM for an Ice Cream Social.  #icecreamsocial #community #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden." - Frances Hodgson Burnett
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"To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles." - Marie Davis Experience nature and walk the trails for the Chelsea Trail Challenge (https://chelseamich.com/annual-events/ctc/). Stop by The Find on your way for any clothing you may need - hat, socks... Thank you to the Chelsea Trail Challenge Sponsor - @uglydogdistillery. #trailchallenge #natureisamiracle😊❤ #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
This Sweet $aver Saturday is the last day of the National Small Business Day Scavenger Hunt (https://chelseamich.com/national-small-business-day-scavenger-hunt/)! Stop by the shops and restaurants to enjoy a 10% off special and enter for a chance to win a gift card (https://chelseamich.com/events/sweet-aver-saturdays-spring-edition/?occurrence=2022-05-14). Thank you, @mattmckernan_a2realtor, for being the Spring Edition Sweet $aver Saturday Sponsor! #SweetSaturday #scavengerhunt #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
Join the @chelseadistrictlibrary at the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 18 at Robin Hills Farm (https://chelseamich.com/events/2021-cacc-annual-meeting-2/) at 6 PM.  The Library will receive their 2021 Non-Profit Business Leadership Award.  #annualmeeting #awards #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
"Making dreams come true when you support local small businesses.
Another reason why you should support local businesses is that they are built by ordinary people, who are often our friends, family, neighbors, or acquaintances. Small business owners are not a board or stockholders that have long lost touch with reality and have no idea what your needs are.
Small business owners put everything they have in life at stake to make their dreams come true. And if we take a deeper look, they often have a couple of mouths to feed at home, a mortgage to pay, old shoes to replace, a roof to fix, etc.
By helping them keep their dream alive you’re directly bringing happiness into their lives. And what’s more rewarding than making someone happy?" (Enterprise League) #shoplocal #makingdreamscometrue #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
The @commongrillchelsea is now open on Tuesday at 4 PM.  #eatlocal #tuesday #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
Chelsea Hospital is working with Mood Lifters to offer mental health program for young adults.  Starting on June 2, young adults living in communities in Chelsea Hospital’s service area will have the opportunity to participate in a mental wellness program, entirely online, at a minimal cost to themselves through Chelsea Hospital as part of its response to increasing mental health needs in Michigan communities and concerns related to access to effective, accessible, timely care. 
The isolation and upheaval caused by the pandemic has hit young people especially hard.
The Mood Lifters program works differently than a therapy or support group. Each week, a trained peer-leader presents the latest science related to a specific topic involving behavior, thoughts, emotions, physical health, and social connection. After learning about and discussing the topic, group members will incorporate the strategies into their day-to-day life.  Mood Lifters members often refer to the program as a class and say that working with peer leaders in their group is a favorite aspect finding their group to be “a supportive place to learn new skills to help cope with the stress that life brings.” In the words of a college student who completed the Mood Lifters program “I learned good, preventative measures and I’m more equipped to handle what comes.”
 The full 15-week program of Mood Lifters for young adults is being offered online for only $25 to residents of Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester & Stockbridge.  Interested young adults can sign up at https://moodlifters.corsizio.com/c/626eef3d135b3197d3ac696a or reach out via email to info@mood-lifters.com for more information. #mentalhealth #chelseahospital #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
What an amazing Chamber Chow at @clearyspubchelsea91! We enjoyed a Mexican Pizza and an Avocado BLT with Coleslaw.  Delicious! #chamberchow #lunchtime #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
@robinhillsfarm Fun Farm Facts 🧑🏼‍🌾

There's a lot to know about their 129-acre farm but here's a glimpse:

• The name "Robin Hills Farm" was inspired when the owners of the property drove up the hill and witnessed robins bursting through a thicket of autumn olive as their car passed

• They exist to nurture their community and the land they live on

• They broke ground in 2014 and the Greenhouse was the first structure to be built, followed by the Garden Barn and Pasture Barn

• They have 3 miles of walking trails open to the public during business hours Thursday-Saturday

• 2015 was their first year raising livestock, and today Hay Creek Heritage Farms seasonally pastures their herds of Shetland sheep at Robin Hills Farm 
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We would like to welcome a new member, Washtenaw County Democratic Party, to the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce. #newmember #welcome #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
It's National Small Business Day - celebrate by participating in the Scavenger Hunt (https://chelseamich.com/national-small-business-day-scavenger-hunt/):
Artisan Knitworks
Artisan Pixworks
Chelsea Bakery
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Check out the new blog posted - Exercise Smarter in Chelsea by Dr. Jon Curtis, @curtischiro (https://chelseamich.com/exercise-smarter-in-chelsea/). #blogsomethingchelsea #exercise #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
Congratulations, @chelseaconsignment, on 8 years! "Business owner Stephanie Merkel is, “ready for a post-pandemic refresher.” Merkel is celebrating her store’s eight years in business by changing its name to Chelsea Consignment.
“I’m simplifying it back to the original name,” said Merkel. “The past couple years were tough times, and I’m happy our town got through it.”
She welcomed members of the community and the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce for a ribbon cutting ceremony at her store on May 4." Read More - https://chelseaupdate.com/chelsea-chamber-holds-ribbon-cutting-for-chelsea-consignment-with-slideshow/ #ribboncutting #branding #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
We would like to welcome a new member, @emily.empower.esthetics, to the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce. #newmember #welcome #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
"Character develops itself in the stream of life." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe #capturechelsea #streams #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
The Power of Small Gifts for Main Street Park Alliance.  Although this project is in its developmental stage, your gift is key to their success. At this time they need to demonstrate community support.  The more people who donate, the greater their chance of securing larger grants and future funding. This campaign is entirely about participation - https://www.mainstreetpark.org/donation!
Help them bring a dynamic community space to downtown Chelsea! #parkallliance #supportlocal #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan
"The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation." — James E. Faust
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Take the Chelsea Trail Challenge (https://chelseamich.com/annual-events/ctc/) - walk a trail, take a picture, and enter it on Chelseamich.com.  After 10 entries, you get a paracord bracelet.  For every trail you enter online, you get a an entry for the grand prize drawing later this year.  Stop by @bumbles.dry.goods for your exploring needs (Waterproof Phone Sleeve, Morse Code Light, Binoculars, Guide to Waterbirds of the Great Lakes). Thank You to the Chelsea Trail Challenge Sponsor, @uglydogdistillery.  #trailchallenege #enjoynature🍃 #chelseami #chelseamich #chelseamichigan