Ugly Dog Distillery

Detailed Information

Ugly Dog Distillery follows in the footsteps of American moonshiners, distilling in small, handcrafted batches. Each is personally taste tested by the master distiller who personally designed and built the distillery’s equipment. It is the company’s mission to produce products of premium quality that can be sold at a mid-range price. Ugly Dog is also committed to supporting the Michigan economy by using, to the extent possible, Michigan produced raw materials. Ugly Dog Vodka is made from Michigan winter wheat. Customer demand has encouraged the Distillery to expand its product line to include rum and flavored vodkas.
We’ve combined the finest raw materials Michigan has to offer with great care and pride resulting in a spirit of the highest quality. Enjoy it responsibly with family and friends.

Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce
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218 South Main Street, Chelsea, Michigan 48118