FarmSudz, LLC

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Determination. Patience. Perseverance. After about 50 batches of trial and error (and some not so pretty soap)…we finally got it right!

In the beginning, Julie worked as an RN with a research team pioneering innovative new treatments for serious medical conditions. Though some new discoveries offered hope, Julie felt that modern medicine was overlooking the potential effectiveness of a more natural, alternative route to good health. It became her mission to explore the benefits of nature and to discover ways to soothe the mind, body, and soul using natural ingredients. Through her dogged research, a bunch of trial and error and a keen sense of humor, FarmSudz was born! It all started with goat milk soap and continued on to include a natural skincare line that has become a local sensation. Now boasting 2 storefronts and a team of rock-star, science-minded, really nice, and fun people – FarmSudz is a happy accident that became a fabulous thang.


Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce
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109 South Main Street, Chelsea, Michigan 48118