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all who enter here, Breathe

It begins with the breath. We take our very first breath as we are born, and our last as we pass on. Many of the breaths drawn inbetween go entirely unnoticed, yet our breath is fundamental to our lives, to life – indeed, breath is life and our relationship with it can literally transform our world. Breath is also fundamental to our yoga practice: the deeper the breath, the better the practice, and here at Breathe you will find ways to go deep, to learn and to grow, and to find your way back to your true self.

breathing space

Students love our space! It has a warm and welcoming feel, and offers a safe place away from all the noise and clutter the external world bombards us with. It’s a space where people can feel what they need to feel any time they come to their mat, free of judgement. We practice self acceptance, self love and self compassion. It starts with us. Fall in love with yoga, fall in love with yourself, and peace will follow.

welcome home

Whilst we are in the business of offering yoga instruction, I feel what our true dharma – purpose – is, is to offer people a sense of belonging, provide community, or as the Japanese call it, Moai – where like minded people come together and offer support to one another for the good of all. This, I am proud to say, can be found in spades at Breathe! I see friends reconnecting after years apart, new friendships being made, relationships, marriages, being strengthened by practising together, and people of all ages and abilities learning and growing together. It’s beautiful. What joy! I get to work with and around my friends. Even if our students arrive sad, harassed, or having had a bad day, they leave renewed, come out of class with a sigh that says, OK, I’m myself again now. I’ve come home to me.

We want our studio to espouse this belief, making yoga accessible to all people, whatever their age, ability, body type, gender or level of wellness. We therefore offer classes at different ‘levels’, and within each class, offer modifications, and intensifications, to suit abilities. Our instructors are nurturing, knowledgeable and always willing to assist in our students’ journey to wellness, without judgement, and with only a sense of celebration of what the body can do, never any focus on what it cannot.

is Breathe for you?

Are you someone who wishes to elevate your level of health, happiness and wellbeing, and live above the wellness line, using ancient healing arts? Someone who wishes to embrace the yogic lifestyle – that is, exist peacefully and compassionately in the world? Are you socially and environmentally aware, community minded, and someone who practices kindness and compassion to all living beings? Can you breathe?

Whether you’re new to yoga or not, I’d love to answer any questions you may have about getting started at Breathe. I’m excited to meet you, and excited for you to meet and embrace your true self!

In love & light,

Sue | Owner & Lead Instructor | Breathe Yoga