Breathe Yoga Chelsea, LLC

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Whether you’re practicing with us in our beautiful studio, or online in your own space, we are here to meet you just where you are. We encourage students to take a variety of classes, and within each class, we offer modifications, and intensifications, to suit abilities. Our instructors are nurturing, knowledgeable and always willing to assist in our students’ journey to wellness, with focus and celebration of what the body can do.

Unroll your mat and feel what you need to feel.

The word Yoga means “to yoke”, “to unite”: Breathe is a place to cultivate the union of mind and body on the foundation of the breath. Learn to connect to yourself on the mat and rediscover through practice a sense of grounding and calm that you can take off the mat and into the world.

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104 East Middle Street, Suite B, Chelsea, Michigan 48118