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When I was 8 years old, I had a birthday party.

We were kids, so of course we were playing around and being goofy. My mom and stepdad had a rotary wall phone in their bedroom. It sat on the floor, unplugged. All of us kids went in their room and I picked up the phone, joking around because it was unplugged, and said “Hello?? Hello? Heeeeelllooo??” And I heard a voice come back and say, “Hello.” Like they’d been waiting for me to pick up that phone.

When I slammed the phone down, my mom asked what was wrong. I said, “There was someone there.” And she said very quickly, “no there wasn’t.” 

I didn’t realize it until I was an adult, but at that moment, my intuitive connection shut down. I was not willing to even acknowledge that as part of who I was, and am, until my mid-twenties. It took until then for me to be willing to open that door again, and I started by learning about astrology.

Astrology made sense to me. It gave me a comfortable space to explore my psychic ability, and to learn how to receive information intuitively. I was able to learn about my ability around energy by learning the language of planets, signs, houses, and aspects and how they all connect with each other.

As I continued my study of astrology, my interests expanded to include Yoga (I earned the RYT 200 designation in 2008, and taught yoga for several years), tarot, numerology, practical  magic, breathwork, and rootwork, among other things. Learning in these areas helped me build my intuition muscle, and the psychic information I received was clearer and stronger.

When I started the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training program early in 2020, the pieces all came together. I began to incorporate somatic work into all my sessions, and it became clear to me that healing through the body is the key to permanent growth and change.

I’ve known that psychic guidance is my life’s work for many years.  I’ve had my foot on both sides of the doorway for a long time, and in the last several years my psychic abilities became too  insistent to ignore.

 It took time for me to overcome the fear of fully accepting and acknowledging the power of my intuition. 

I spent a number of years of working, healing, and studying taking the knowledge with me to a professional practice. In my practice I have seen the incredible and  astonishing outcomes that can happen for people when they are fully and powerfully present in their bodies.

In January 2022, I took my first trip to Sedona.  In that energetic space, I was able to release a number of outdated beliefs and energetic patterns, from this timeline and lifetime as well as others.  These releases opened up abilities for me to help others release energetic patterns, old beliefs, and attune and align their energy.

As a result of these changes within myself, I am committed to showing others how to access their power through energetic alignment and presence in the body.

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