Chelsea Outfitters

Detailed Information

Chelsea Outfitters’ mission is to promote sustainable lifestyle practices. We sell products designed for long term use made by companies that prioritize environmental responsibility.

Chelsea Outfitters was started by Megan and Matt Trenary. Megan is passionate about quality materials and products that last a lifetime. She loves salvaging and restoring clothing and furniture as well as building materials and tools. She is always looking for an adventure. Megan will be happy to answer any and all questions about our products, entertain your kids, or hold your baby. She is also a mom, nurse, lactation consultant, hiker, runner, swimmer, and bike commuter.

Matt supports the operations of Chelsea Outfitters. Web design, accounting, and making the business work are his drivers. But he’s not always found behind a computer. Matt loves coaching (rugby), games, wildlife, and being a dad.

You may happen to run into the kids at the store too. Mack and Lilly are excited to help out and will likely be found creating in the makerspace or chalking the sidewalks.

Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce
Contact Information
102 South Main Street, Chelsea, Michigan 48118