Barn Sanctuary

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Barn Sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected farmed animals by creating a safe haven where these individuals can recover, thrive, and serve as an example for why we strive to lead society towards a plant-based lifestyle.


Barn Sanctuary was established in 2016 in Chelsea, Michigan in pursuit of a lofty mission to change the way the world views farmed animals by rescuing, rehabilitating abused and neglected farmed animals in need.

Barn Sanctuary provides a loving home specifically for farmed animals because farmed animals are the most abused and neglected group of animals in the world. Barn Sanctuary is home to over 100 rescued farmed animals including: cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, and goats. Every rescue at Barn Sanctuary is treated as an individual, deserving of empathy and respect.


Rescue – We rescue abused and neglected farmed animals.
Rehabilitation – We nurse them back to health.
Education & Advocacy – We show the world who they truly are.
“We envision a world in which farmed animals are seen as individuals and treated with empathy and compassion.”
– Dan McKernan. Founder and President

Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce
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20179 McKernan Drive, Chelsea, Michigan 48118