Susan Jacobs, CPA, PC

Detailed Information

Susan Jacobs is a Certified Public Accountant who owns a firm at 102 E. Middle St. in downtown Chelsea. She works with individuals, personally-owned corporations and small nonprofits, assisting them with their financial needs.

“Clients come to me for a variety of reasons,” said Jacobs. “Some examples would include: wading through the complexities of income tax preparation, educating themselves with the tax implications of a financial decision, help filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, or a response to an IRS letter or collection attempt.”

Jacobs wants to help people with everything from sharing consulting advice and ideas to working through complex financial and tax issues to helping a young person learn about their profession. She works with a network of attorneys, bankers, and other CPA’s.

“Many people can prepare a tax return, but they often don’t take the time to learn the client’s unique situation and ask the right questions to make sure the client is getting all the tax advantages possible,” said Jacobs. “I take that time, and I build a relationship with clients to become their trusted financial partner.”

She and her husband moved to Chelsea in 1994 and have since raised two children. She has had her downtown office since 2005.

“I love being in Chelsea because I like to help people in my own community,” said Jacobs. “Not only do I see clients when they come into my office, but also I see them at the local stores and restaurants, which allows me to get to know them better. Knowing this community also allows me to volunteer where I can apply my skills to help various organizations.”

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