Sheridan Books

Detailed Information

Carefully crafting content, balancing multiple tasks, achieving deadlines, reaching readers—as a book publisher you have many responsibilities. At Sheridan, we understand that and provide services, workflows, and options to simplify your tasks and turn your content into the formats that you desire. Furthermore, we provide solutions to get your titles into the hands of your readers directly. Whether you’re looking to produce printed or electronic books, or both, or desire a direct-to-consumer platform to sell your books directly to your readers, Sheridan stands ready.

What to expect:

  • A partner that helps you evaluate your possibilities, providing advice and expertise, and is there from beginning to end and beyond
  • Options to fit your every print need:
    • Book printing and book binding from one copy to 100,000
    • One- color through four-color book printing
    • Coated, uncoated, and lightweight text stocks
    • Soft cover and hard cover book binding
    • Lightweight text stocks that are perfect for high page count books
  • eCommerce platforms to help you connect with and sell to readers directly
  • eBook conversion to popular formats
  • A quality product that exceeds your expectations, delivered on time

So when you’re ready to turn your book content into a reality, be it print or electronic, or are considering how you can easily make your content available to your readers directly, contact Sheridan.