Proactive Chiropractic

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Our Philosophy

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Oh, I believe in Chiropractic!” But you don’t need to “believe” in it, it’s not magic or a type of religion… It’s simply science. The benefits of chiropractic have been researched and documented and even the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests chiropractic care before surgery. It’s not about miraculously curing every ailment, it’s about helping people stay mobile, active, and healthy for as long as they can.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably dealing with some pain yourself. Because of Dr. Mesko and Dr. Wojnarowski’s own personal experiences (read about them here), they understand your pain, and therefore our philosophy here is based on one principle: to help people. To help people get out of pain quickly, give them the tools and knowledge to stay out of pain longterm, and keep care affordable.