Blulens Design, LLC

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bldc is a full-service, award-winning interior design studio delivering bespoke spaces from concept to completion. Founded in 2015 by designers Linda Mauck Smith and Dawn Cook, bldc designs with intentionality for a variety of spaces, including historic homes and new builds.

Prior to working in interiors, Dawn acquired a master’s degree in business and spent her days as a marketing director. Just before opening her studio, Dawn Cook Design, she added a degree in Interior Design. Linda specialized in Human Resource management before working in interiors. Eventually, her creativity won and she pursued a degree in Interior Design; she then went on to found Blulens Design.

After collaborating throughout their careers, the duo was inspired by the idea of moving their independent practices under one roof. Located in the historic Cleveland neighborhood of Shaker Heights—just steps from the Van Aken District and within moments of many clients—our studio is the home base for our collaborative team of designers and managers.

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17220 Waterloo Road, Chelsea, Michigan 48118