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There are many “under the radar” stories in Chelsea. One of those stories is the Palmer Auto Service, its evolution, and the people behind the story. Palmer Auto Service is managed and led by Robert (Bob) Mock, Jr. Owner and Bryan Flaws, Service Manager, and here’s their story.
Bob started working at Village Motor Sales in 1983 at the age of 16, washing cars. When he graduated high school, he attended Chrysler auto repair training for nine months. Upon his return, the service manager had a heart attack, and at the age of 18, Bob became a manager. After both of Bob’s parents were in a car accident, he took over his dad’s trucking company. He managed both jobs until he left the dealership to maintain and grow his father’s business. In 1997 Bob’s son was born, and he left the trucking business and joined Palmer Ford-Mercury. He worked there until he acquired the company and opened Palmer Auto Service in 2009. Bob Mock is proud to be born and raised in Chelsea, and to operate a family business in the City. 
Bob and Bryan’s professional relationship began with an inquiry he made to the college that Bryan was attending. Bryan was preparing for his graduation ceremony when he received a call from Bob and subsequently joined the business. Bob shared his thoughts about Bryan – ”His abilities are almost endless. If someone built it, he can fix it; if it burns fuel, he can fix it. He has become my ‘right hand,’ we are fortunate to operate in a seamless, efficient way.”
They share a mutual deep love and enthusiasm for all things automotive: cars, racing, and demolition derbies. Bryan loves fast vehicles and trucks that can go places other than the pavement. From a very young age, he played with hot wheel cars and took apart a pedal bike so he could put it back together. Bob started his automotive career with dirt bikes given to him in a basket. He loved the challenge of putting them back together. He had access to farm equipment that was always in need of repair to further hone his skills. 
Bob and Bryan also share the satisfaction that comes with fixing cars for people. Their service offering frequently includes transporting their customers to and from Palmer Auto Service. They have transported people to the Airport, Lansing, Monroe, and in one instance, they went to Cleveland to pick up a stranded customer. 
The culture at Palmer is all about maintaining cars for long life, focusing on timely and quality service. They are curious about their customers and take the time to learn something about them. Developing personable relationships, so people don’t feel like they are a number in a big wheel. They strive to provide their customers with the best value.
Bob Mock feels a sense of achievement from the maintenance and growth of the service part of Palmer Ford-Mercury Dealership. “It is a legacy that I will pass on to my family,” he said. Bob’s father and two sons work there too. They are on a continuous mission to improve their service offerings with the best new technologies and always creating an atmosphere of quality service, integrity, and respect.


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