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Originating as a mostly self-taught artist, Brenda Fineman has dabbled in different mediums over the last 30+ years. While drawing and painting was always an enjoyable past-time, she initially decided to focus on art in the written form and help others write as well.

Brenda taught English composition for over seven years at Washtenaw Community College until shortly after the birth of her first child. At this time, she left academia and began to dabble in writing and illustrating children’s books. The act of illustrating the books ignited a new spark in her, creating the passion to create more visual arts using colored pencil and ink. It was during the pandemic when she decided to connect her family via Zoom to teach them how to paint using acrylics. As a creative way to stay connected, she did the same with her book club. At this point Brenda realized the joy of not only painting but also her love for teaching were a wonderful combination. She then began creating her own original paintings and holding classes at a local private bar.

In 2022, Brenda earned her certification as a Bob Ross Instructor for landscapes using the wet-on-wet technique and now teaches public and private workshops using this technique. She hopes to eventually be certified in wildlife and florals as well.

Additionally, Brenda enjoys bringing the landscapes of video games to life on canvas. She records videos and live streams these creations for others to enjoy and takes commissions for landscapes of this nature.

Artist’s Message

Brenda believes that everyone should have access to the creation and appreciation of art as a way of improving their overall mental health. This is why she not only wants to create paintings for others to enjoy but also to teach and make the gift of creation accessible to everyone.

Artist’s Credentials and Experience

Certified Bob Ross Instructor, 2022 – Landscapes III

Huron River Art Collective, Member since 2022; Board position

Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce
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105 1/2 S. Main St., Chelsea, Michigan 48118