CMC Gifts

Detailed Information

Cmc Gifts actually started as The2ndmetalworks in 2019. Kelly and Jeremy started with a small Laser because it was a fun Hobby. We started with Powder coated tumblers and engraved some from time to time. We later bought a small 3D printer for masks for our family during 2020. In December of 2020 Jeremy was hospitalized in Chelsea ICU with Covid. We recovered and struggled during 2021 but eventually it all folded. Leap forward to fall 2021. CMC Gifts is born under Center Machining and CAM, LLC.

This year we took a leap of faith. We purchased 2 new Lasers, an IDEX 3d printer, Sublimation equipment, Plotters, upgraded our Systems.

We are using our temporary garage location until our building is done and eventually the dream is to open a store in our beautiful town of Chelsea!

Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce