Agricole Farm Stop

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At Agricole, we have a dearly held mission to encourage and improve small farm viability, increase community access to locally grown food, and educate the public about maintaining local small farming as a community resource.

We are bringing together the convenience of grocery store shopping with the closeness and directness of a farmers market.  Our wide range of products makes it possible to shop local and know where the food is coming from, in a pleasant indoor space that is open everyday.

Agricole is a place of exchange where community members interact: in the relationship of farmer to consumer through food, with the dollars that circulate to support the local economy, and among all the folks who meet in the store either intentionally or by chance, passing through to pick up something, or sitting down for a cup of coffee and cheerful conversation, helping to make Chelsea the most vibrant home for all of us.


Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce
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118 North Main Street, Chelsea, Michigan 48118