Citizen of the Year Award

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Chelsea is blessed with a wealth of residents who are dedicated to serving the community. In many cases, these individuals go about performing their deeds without any fanfare. It is not only fun to honor these individuals, but it is the right thing to do. The Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to facilitate the Chelsea Citizen of the Year Award on a yearly basis. For a complete list of previous Citizen of the Year recipients, see below.

The deadline to nominate someone for 2024 is December 31st, 2024.

Citizen of the Year Award

Citizen of the Year Criteria: Nominees must be community volunteers with records of extensive and diverse participation in economic, social and civic involvement in the Chelsea area. Accomplishments directly related to the candidate’s employment excluded. Candidate(s) who live, work, or actively participate in the Chelsea area will be recognized for their contributions to any facets of the community over the last year or more.

Citizen of Year Award Recipients

2023 Kira Grifka

2022 Sue Jacobs

2021 John Daniels

2020 Nancy Graebner

2019 Trinh Pifer

2018 Jeff Hardcastle

2017 Jim Randolph

2016 Art Finger

2015 Ed Vlcek

2014 Rick Eder

2013 Burrill Strong

2012 Linda Meloche

2011 John Frank

2009 Nancy Harris

2008 Sheila Morrison-Patrias

2007 Ronald Weiser

2006 Craig Common

2005 Jane Diesing

2004 Jack Merkel

2003 John Keusch

2002 Edwin GreenLeaf II

2001 Walter & Sandy Zeeb

2000 Walter & Helen Leonard

1999 Richard Steele

1998 Bob & Marj Daniels

1997 Gloria Mitchell

1996 Joe Merkel

1995 Katie Chapman

1994 Ann Feeney