The Historic Downtown Chelsea Social District

A Social District provides flexibility for restaurants and bars by enabling the on-site sale and off-site consumption of alcoholic beverages in the designated “Social District” areas. The City of Chelsea designated the social district in downtown and is outined below in the interactive map.  Within the district, the Grateful CrowJet's PizzaUgly Dog Distillery, and Zou Zou's Cafe obtained permits to sell Social District beverages.

What is bought for the social district stays in the social district.  Please do not enter any restaurant with the drink.

Social District Map
Ugly Dog Distillery Zou Zou's Café Jet's Pizza Grateful Crow

Ugly Dog Distillery

Ugly Dog Storefront


Zou Zou's Café

Zou Zou's Cafe Storefront

Beer & Wine

Jet's Pizza

Beer, Wine, Cocktails, and Hard Cider

Grateful Crow

Grateful Crow Storefront

Beer, Wine, & Cocktails