Smokehouse 52 BBQ Grand Opening!

BBQ 52 on 125 S. Main Street (M-52) in Chelsea, Michigan

The building has a history of meats and quality food as it was is owned and was originally operated by the Flintoff family who butchered quality cuts in The Chelsea Market for years. Now the space will have new life filled with the scents of BBQ and mac-n-cheese!

The owner,¬†Phil Tolliver, has a great reputation with locals already. He’s a friendly genuine guy who has an obsession with barbecue. The perfect business owner for ChelseaMich meat lovers! Phil previously owned the Jerky store in Chelsea. After selling it he trained with renowned barbecue masters to perfect his art. Now traveling back to Chelsea, he secured the building, renovated it to it’s spectacular environment, and set his menu. Phil is now ready to serve you some brisket, a little pulled pork, and a side of mac and cheese to warm your soul!

Smokehouse 52 BBQ will be open initially with abbreviated hours, and then move to regular hours. Oh, if you’re wondering about the name… it’s located on M-52, otherwise known as Main Street Chelsea.

Get directions and a map and come experience Smokehouse 52 BBQ in downtown Chelsea, Michigan!

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