The Garden Mill celebrates 10th anniversary in downtown Chelsea

Garden-Mill-store-front-spring-2015-430x323A retail landmark in downtown Chelsea celebrates a milestone this summer. The Garden Mill, located in the heart of Chelsea’s vibrant downtown business district, marks its 10th anniversary during the annual Sounds and Sights Summer Festival, July 23-25.

“It’s the perfect time, because the store opened during the festival in 2005,” says store owner Jennifer Fairfield.

Opened originally by Chelsea resident Trinh Pifer, who was looking for a new challenge and a way to have her young daughters with her during the day, the Garden Mill quickly found its niche as a garden supply and décor store.

After several successful years, Pifer returned to the non-profit sector to become executive director at the Chelsea Senior Center, and Jennifer Fairfield, former human resources and benefits consultant, decided to pursue her own dream of owning a garden store.

“I realized that life is too short not to spend it doing something about which I feel passionately,” Fairfield says. “I’ve been an avid gardener and birder for years, so the opportunity to operate a store that caters to people interested in both, particularly in a community like Chelsea, was irresistible.”

During the transition, Fairfield and Pifer discovered that they not only shared a passion for birding and gardening, but also a commitment to the community.  Free gardening classes in the store and spearheading Chelsea’s Chocolate Extravaganza are just two of the traditions that Fairfield has continued.

She’s also implemented new community-oriented events like contributing a portion store proceeds on Earth Day to the Intergenerational Garden in Chelsea, working with the Manchester Community and School Gardens and sharing her knowledge of gardening with the public through a monthly e-newsletter that is also re-published by The Manchester Mirror and Chelsea Update.

The Garden Mill will mark the occasion with storewide discounts and free raffles featuring local and regional artists and vendors during the three days of the festival.

“Our product line features a number of local artists and vendors and I think this is the perfect time to draw attention to that fact.  We want our customers to know that they are supporting more than one local business when they shop with us,” Fairfield says. “But it’s also a party, and everyone’s invited to celebrate with us.”

For more information, please contact the Garden Mill at (734) 475-3539 or click visit their website at

Article by Maureen Tobin. Shared with permission from

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