Trinkle Marsh at Easton Farm Preserve

Great preserve in Chelsea Michigan for watching waterfowl and nature in its element. The park is 150-acres and includes a large wetland complex known as the Trinkle Marsh is a premier spot for watching waterfowl.  Every spring and fall, dozens of species of birds, including ducks, shorebirds, herons, cranes, and more, stop on their migration journey.  Additionally, many other species use the preserve as their summer home for nesting and raising young birds.  Two convenient boardwalks and overlooks take you to the water’s edge getting you close to wildlife.

Other features of the preserve include a scenic woodlot adjacent to the marsh.  Another wetlandcomplex is situated in the northern portion of the preserve.  Portions of the property remain as active farmland, as it has been for well over 100 years.