Wendy Caverly – Caerusnet Connections

Every Caerusnet team is run by a Facilitator who is using the Caerusnet Referral Team System (CRTS) as their guiding principles. With instant, ongoing access to the Caerusnet copyrighted materials and know how, the Facilitator runs the meetings, delivers education to the team to help them Master the Art of Referrals, sets the meeting agenda and follows up with visitors. The Members are asked to learn how to consistently pass referrals and invite other professionals to visit the team so everyone can benefit.

Caerusnet has developed a series of guiding principles and commonly used strategies for growing referral teams and helping the local business community strengthen by referral. The Facilitator & the Members of any given team are partners working together to build a strong referral community. Members are never asked to be officers, chair special committees or attend additional required training.  Facilitators also have virtually complete freedom to run their teams in a way they believe, based on their personal experiences, will make it successful.

Being a Member of a local Caerusnet Facilitated small business referral team is a wise investment of precious face-to-face marketing time. In fact, our Members have benefited by the  tens of thousands of referrals the Caerusnet system has helped them produce!