The Meaning of Almost Everything | a Play By Jeff Daniels | The Purple Rose Theater


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By Jeff Daniels, Directed by Guy Sanville

JANUARY 10, 2013 – MARCH 9, 2013

Step right up folks and grab a seat for the hilarious and sometimes painful circus that is life! Two men will astound you with their feats of daring and sometimes cowardice as they pratfall their way to the big answers in “The Meaning of Almost of Everything. A world premiere comedy by PRTC founder Jeff Daniels, this show questions the nature of our world and the absurdity of it all!

Contains adult content. Please note: a strobe light and water-based haze will be used during the performance.

Watch a preview of The Meaning of Almost Everything here:

Tickets are available for purchase now. View The Chelsea, Michigan Community Calendar for show dates & times or make  ticket reservations by calling The Purple Rose Theatre Company Box Office at (734) 433-7673 or online at

The Purple Rose theater was founded in 1991 by acclaimed actor and Chelsea native Jeff Daniels, The Purple Rose Theatre Company is a leading American theatre dedicated to producing the new American play and creating opportunities for Midwest theatre professionals.

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