About ChelseaMich.com

ChelseaMich.com was created as the result of community leaders and concerned citizens coming together create a comprehensive marketing initiative to promote the city of Chelsea. A committee was formed in 2010, consisting of dedicated individuals representing the major economic sectors of Chelsea. The committee was informally given the working title of “Chelsea First” with the understanding that initiatives which help Chelsea as a whole, will by default benefit business owners, residential growth and the overall economic health and wellness of our city.

The chelseamich.com website and marketing effort is a program of the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce and is made possible through support from the City of Chelsea and the City of Chelsea Downtown Development Authority (DDA), plus sponsorship and advertising support from community businesses and organizations, including:

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Our People

The chelseamich.com team consists of:

The Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce is the administrative and fiduciary manager of chelseamich.com. To learn more, please call the Chamber of Commerce at (734) 475-1145 or email [email protected]